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Coral Index Project.

This project aims to accurately record which coral species and families are present on reef sites and therefor can be used to aid restoration efforts, leading to stronger resilience.
Coral Index Project

Project Summary.

Coral restoration projects have been around for decades and have recently made a resurgence around the world, even more recently in the GBR. A critical component of these projects is to understand the species composition in each location. To support coral reef resilience, knowing the species biodiversity of the area is key to successful, localised, restoration projects.

Marine Discoveries uses the same methodology as AIMS (to ensure data continuity) to assess coral composition. This allows us to provide critical data and inform restoration projects and ensures the data can be used by all researchers to strengthen our overall knowledge of the reef.

Diversity is the core of any high functioning reef and climate change is affecting this. If there is a high level of coral diversity on a reef, there is also a high level of all other marine life.

Australian Institute of Marine Science
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