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Developing Site Stewardship.

Here at Marine Discoveries, we understand that there are aspects of marine conservation that can be difficult. With our background and experience, we are positioned perfectly to help you and your business.
Developing Site Stewardship

Climate change.

As climate change becomes more apparent on the reefs around the world, it is imperative that our site stewardship activities reflect the increasing importance of acting now. Marine Discoveries can act as a consultant in this field, developing resources and programs that will allow the operators to build on their conservation efforts and their desire to help, whilst at the same time, still having the time to focus on the guest experience.

Some of the activities that we offer include training crew members to carry out reef monitoring or delivering the monitoring for operators ourselves to free up staff time.

Interpretational programs.

We can develop interpretational programs to be delivered on board by crew members. These include educational talks, snorkel tour in-water mentorship or delivering these products for the company as a contractor. There is also an option to mentor and collaborate with staff on existing interpretation content.

We are available to train crew in all levels of interpretation and can act as mentors for any questions that may occur with either staff or guests.

Site Stewardship Planning.

Site stewardship frameworks and plans take time and resources to develop, Marine Discoveries can work with your staff and managers on how best to deliver a framework that not only helps your conservation efforts but also works within your operation. Marine Discoveries staff have experience on a variety of tourist boats, having worked in the industry for many years and so are able to understand how to best integrate new programs into a busy day.

Marine Discoveries staff are also highly trained in many survey methods and can carry out reef site assessments at your sites. We have a variety of projects that range from a snapshot of the immediate health of your site, through to long term monitoring of changes that will occur over the years.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about how we can help you and your operation, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Acknowledgement Of Country
Marine Discoveries acknowledges, recognises and respects the Elders, families and forebears of the the Bama Peoples – the Aboriginal rainforest people who are traditional custodians/owners of the lands that cover our region. We also acknowledge, recognise and respect other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who call our region and the Great Barrier Reef their home.
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